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Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on Victoria Grove. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. 1. Visibility and Writing Rights
    a) Non-registered users do not have any rights to post content on the board. In order to post content, please register and introduce yourself on the respective area.
    b) Some subforums are not visible for unregistered visitors. Please register and introduce yourself to see them.

    2. Registration and User Profiles
    a) Each user can only create one account. Every additional account will be deleted by the moderators.
    b) We will constantly contact inactive members to ask them if they still want to be users of the board. Otherwise the moderators may reserve the right to delete inactive users. You can of course notify them about your absence and you will not be deleted then.
    c) For safety reasons, you are not allowed to give your log in data to other people. Also, content from the internal areas shall not be made publically.

    3. Posts and Threads
    a) Before you want to create a topic, please use the search tool to find out whether an identical or similar thread does already exist. It makes it easier to keep the board tidy for every member.
    b) Please create new topics in the appropriate subforum.
    c) Please use appropriate and clear topic titles. It makes it easier for other members to find threads.
    d) Before writing a second post directly under a post you already made, please wait for 24 hours. You can use the editing tool to add information.
    e) Be economical with quoting others. It is enough to quote the respective text passages if you want to refer to a post before.
    f) If you quote other people, websites, videos, etc. please write the source under your post.

    4. Respectful Interaction
    a) Offensive, threatening, groping, fascist and/or right-wing content is not permitted!
    b) The tone should remain friendly and respectful throughout the whole board. Please refrain from degrading and bold comments.
    c) Please respect the private life of any member and person you are discussing (e.g. performers). The wish to not publish personal data and opinions must be respected by everyone.
    d) Please refrain from lies and defamation of people inside and outside the board.

    5. Spam and Disturbing Content
    a) It is not allowed to write two or more directly following posts. Please wait at least 24 hours before writing a second post directly under your first one. You can use the editing tool to add information.
    b) Posts that only contain emoticons are not allowed.
    c) Your signature should be kept subtle. If pictures used in the signatures are too large, the moderators will ask you to change it. Animated images should not be used.

    6. Advertising
    To advertise your own sites, you can put links or banners into your signature or put it in a thematically reasonable post.

    7. Market Place
    a) All trades on this board are not operated by Victoria Grove but by private members of the forum. Victoria Grove gives members the platform to set up trades/sales, negotiations must be done privately though. Victoria Grove does not guarantee positive trading processes although we request them.
    b) The Market Place cannot be used by users who are under the age of 18. The reason for this is not to exclude anyone from certain areas of the board but because of the lack of full legal capacity of minors.
    c) Please do only offer or seek for Cats or Theatre related stuff.
    d) Stuff being offered can be programmes, brochures, posters, costume pieces, full costumes, memorabilia, books, leaflets etc.
    e) Costume commission can be offered in one thread per user.
    f) Please refrain from offering/seeking tickets, bootlegs and illegaly taken pictures!
    g) All negotiations have to be done via private messages, not in the respective board section. Public negotiations will be deleted by the team.
    h) Please mark your items as "sold" as soon as you have sold/traded them. The offers will then be moved to a "Completed Sales" section.
    i) Moderators and Administrators can always delete threads or posts in this area if they feel that they are inappropriate.

    8. The Team
    a) The moderator’s jobs include answering questions and suggestions by members. They will react to issues and conflicts. They have the right to move, edit or delete topics and posts if they are not appropriate. They can contact members about their behaviour in the board.
    b) The admin has all the rights the moderators have and is the responsible member for all technical questions and problems. He is the owner of the board and so has all he rights that keep the peace and climate.
    c) The board rules also apply to the team members.

    These rules apply to every member of the board. Members who do not keep the conditions can be cautioned or banned. Bans can be temporary or final, depending on the reasons for the bans.
    Please ask the moderators or the administrator if you have questions, problems, suggestions, etc.

    The rules can always be edited if necessary. #