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by Mischa
Sun 13. Aug 2017, 14:19
Forum: How-To's
Topic: Authentic Tails
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Re: Authentic Tails

http://fs5.directupload.net/images/170813/szyxyas5.jpg Hamburg Mr Mistoffelees' tail (Song) The tail itself is made the same way as Cassandra's tail, the only difference is the belt. The belt of the HH tail is the equivalent part to the ruffled bottom part of Mistoffelees' song-jacket of the Uk/Lon...
by Mischa
Thu 8. Jun 2017, 19:19
Forum: Show your Costumes
Topic: Mischa's finished stuff
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Mischa's finished stuff

Hey there guys! This is the place where I post finished costume pieces and full costumes (personal stuff, commissions and premade items).. Sooo.. Today I finally finished a Deme wig! You can find it in my sale-thread :) http://www.fotos-hochladen.net/uploads/catsdeme2p0kq8os6h9.jpg More stuff soon..
by Mischa
Mon 5. Jun 2017, 12:40
Forum: How-To's
Topic: Authentic warmers
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Re: Authentic warmers


Original Broadway Coricopat legwarmers
by Mischa
Mon 5. Jun 2017, 12:31
Forum: How-To's
Topic: Authentic wigs
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Re: Authentic wigs

Wigs of older productions like Hamburg/Stuttgart and original Broadway differ from the common designs we see in almost every production today in many ways. For example: HH and BW wigs don't have tied ears, but they have an equivalent type of ears we decided to call "pointed ears". Also the old fan e...
by Mischa
Thu 1. Jun 2017, 20:26
Forum: Musicals & Theatre
Topic: Current Top 3
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Re: Current Top 3

1. Phantom of the Opera
2. Rocky Horror Show
3. Dance of the Vampires