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by Forest
Fri 16. Jun 2017, 18:51
Forum: The Characters
Topic: Favourite characters?
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Favourite characters?

It's an age old topic I know, but I'm curious. Who is everyone's favourite characters, and why? Have they changed over time ? My favourite when i saw the London production in 1999, was Mungojerrie. I adored his cheekiness, (ha! Nearly typed "cheekbones- thank you predictive text! Though I'm sure his...
by Forest
Thu 15. Jun 2017, 22:19
Forum: General CATS Stuff
Topic: CATS on YouTube
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Re: CATS on YouTube

Ahhh Nottingham <3 Thanks for sharing Mortifer- Really nice clips vid there and I do love me some quality Misto turns ;) ~ I love this video so SO much. I know it's all a bit early for Crimbo postings, but this is a joy you can enjoy all year around tbh :P Also... Skimble's face. Just wait and see.....
by Forest
Thu 15. Jun 2017, 22:00
Forum: Musicals & Theatre
Topic: Current Top 3
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Re: Current Top 3

Ooh, Wayward, I heard really good things about the US Phantom production. What was their chandelier crash like? If you haven't already seen, I recommend checking out the vids on Youtube about the different chandelier crashes in all worldwide productions of the show. It's fascinating to see just how ...
by Forest
Thu 15. Jun 2017, 21:20
Forum: Make-Up
Topic: Tails001's Makeup
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Re: Tails001's Makeup

Thanks for posting and welcome to the group, Tails! :D Your improvement is really spectacular here. Well done for persevering - it really does pay off! Loving your Tugger makeup inparticular. You've really made the design fit your face well and lovely blending work too.
by Forest
Thu 15. Jun 2017, 21:10
Forum: Asia Tour, 2017
Topic: a first look at the make ups
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Re: a first look at the make ups

Oh gosh those are some divine looking makeups! Check out the blending on that Munkus. Hodamn boy! <3 Thanks for sharing these!

I do like how intense Griz's eye makeup is here too. Perhaps I'm misremembering the Palladium I saw, but I don't think her makeup has ever been as dark? Loving it.