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Cologne, Germany, 21 November 2017

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Cologne, Germany, 21 November 2017

Post by mortifer » Wed 22. Nov 2017, 15:36

Admetus/Macavity – Jak-Allen Anderson
Alonzo – Nathan Johnson
Asparagus/Bustopher Jones/Rumpus – Tony McGill
Bill Bailey – Aaron Hunt
Bombaluina – Charlie Johnson
Carbucketty – Enric Marimon
Cassandra – Natalie Bennyworth
Coricopat – Fletcher Dobinson
Demeter – Agnes Pure
Grizabella – Joanna Ampil
Jellylorum/Griddlebone – Charlotte Scott
Jemima – Grace Swaby
Jennyanydots – Joanna Lee Martin
Mr. Mistoffelees – Robbie McMillan
Mungojerre – Joe Henry
Munkustrap – Matt Krzan
Old Deuteronomy – John Ellis
Rumpleteazer – Meg Astin
Rum Tum Tugger – John Brannoch
Skimbleshanks – Lee Greenaway
Tantomile – Eilish Harmon-Beglan
Victoria/White Cat – Sophia McAvoy

I saw CATS again on 21 Nov 2017 in Cologne and I’m afraid it was my last time for a long time as the international tour is playing China soon. Some impressions:

Fortunately, the stage in Cologne was larger than in Munich which means that everyone had enough space to dance. Also, the set looked better here as I felt they had to get rid of some of the scenery when they were in Munich. I had the chance to take a lot of pictures of the set before the show and during the interval. I’ll share them later.

The cast was not much different from the last show I saw in July. John Brannoch and Robbie McMillan have joined the cast since and Nathan Johnson was covering Alonzo this time but that’s it so most people were no suprise for me.

This show has two stand-outs: Joanna Ampil as Grizabella who is slowly becoming my favourite in the part. Joe Henry is the best Mungojerrie I have seen so far. He has rescued some moments that were rather bad.

Speaking of rather bad moments: I will NEVER like the rewritten ‘Pekes and Pollicles’ scene. I actually hate everything about it. The blending from Gus to the scene, the changed melody and singing parts and the atrocious Rumpus costume. I so hope they are gonna bring Growltiger back for the new leg of the tour or at least put P+P back to Act One where it belongs.

And I hope they will get rid of the Macavity lines before the Jellicle Ball. Totally unnecessary. Macavity will be introduced in Act Two so why have these lines before the ball?

During ‘Daylight’ Jemima’s mic was off so I’m afraid people not so close to the stage did not hear her singing the part.

But there were other moments I really enjoyed: Joanna Lee Martin is an amazing Jenny and the tap was not too bad (although I miss the old one). ‘Mungo and Rumple’ was fierce, so was the ball. Much better than on the tiny stage in Munich.

Misto’s jacked is the only of the current changes I really like. His costume looks so beautiful. As I was sitting at the alley, I could see the costume very close when he walked off the stage. I tell you it’s PRETTY!
Also, most of the other costumes are really nice. I could see quite a few of them really close when the cats came into the audience. I’m so happy they put enough effort into the costumes, wigs and the makeup again after UK tour ’13 and Palladium ’14.

I must say I missed Axel as Mistoffelees. Not that Robbie was bad – but there was something about Axel Alvarez that I enjoyed more. He had a certain appeal to the audience.

It’s a shame I won’t be able to see it so soon again. A trip to China or Korea will not be possible for me :D Good that I could see CATS once again yesterday.
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Re: Cologne, Germany, 21 November 2017

Post by MisToxic » Thu 23. Nov 2017, 01:54

Glad you enjoyed the show and could see this cast one last time!
(I could never sit through the new pekes and pollicles, why why why????)

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