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Favourite characters?

Posted: Fri 16. Jun 2017, 18:51
by Forest
It's an age old topic I know, but I'm curious. Who is everyone's favourite characters, and why? Have they changed over time ?

My favourite when i saw the London production in 1999, was Mungojerrie. I adored his cheekiness, (ha! Nearly typed "cheekbones- thank you predictive text! Though I'm sure his cheekbones *were* excellent!), his devil-may-care manner but also how he was more subdued and protective of Rumple in quieter points of the show. That's a thing I really love about the show is watching the background.. seeing what other characters are up to behind the main action onstage. Really makes for multi layered and deeper characterisation.

Also adored Misto... Let's face it. I was 11 and he was all glitzy and sparkly and magical! Sold! :P

I could ramble for ages .. but that would be rude of me ;) Over to you!


Re: Favourite characters?

Posted: Fri 16. Jun 2017, 19:18
by MisToxic
Whenever I sit down to pinpoint my favourite characters I fail. I love too many too much!
Whether it's a specific perfect portrayal or costume or character traits or songs...
I CANNOT choose!!! 😂

Re: Favourite characters?

Posted: Sat 17. Jun 2017, 02:47
by Eliaza
I keep starting a reply and then erasing it, because this is such a difficult question! :lol:

Overall, no matter what, I think my top three will always be:

1. Munkustrap.
Whether because of the character himself or because of Michael Gruber's portrayal (probably both), Munkustrap was the first character I got attached to when watching the video. Somefolk who saw it when they were younger may have been in awe of Victoria's white coat and graceful dancing, or Jemima's pure voice. But I was sixteen and in awe of Munkustrap with his heroism, handsome looks, and beautiful voice. Now, in the US Tour he wasn't necessarily my favorite at times - he hardly fought Macavity, for one thing. He also wasn't very personable with the other characters. I know Munk is generally a bit of a stick-in-the-mud because he worries about keeping everyone safe, but this was beyond that...he was pretty distant with everyone except Old D. The Broadway revival, on the other paw... Andy Huntington Jones was just about the right balance. It also helps that he was definitely portraying Munk/Deme as a couple, which is my #1 ship. ANYway... for better or for worse, Munk is always a favorite.

2. Alonzo.
What can I say? I was sixteen, and he was handsome. :lol: I also simply adored the way he and Munk backed each other up and protected the tribe. And I just love his black-and-white patched coat. And his dancing - when I can follow him...darn the video and its constantly changing camera angles! When I saw the US Tour, it took me ages to find Lonzi because he's gold and brown and sort of...blends in if you don't watch closely. It was cool watching him fight Macavity, but also disappointing that he more or less fought on his own, Munk getting pounded early on. Also, he danced along to part of Macavity's song along with the queens, which never quite made sense to me. The US Tour was just odd, guys.

3. Macavity.
OK, I'll admit it. I have a soft spot for villains. My default is to think, "Oh, poor thing, what made him this way, what's his sob story?" I've more or less decided over the years that he's Richard III, portrayed as a villain when in fact he's just misunderstood, what *really* happened is... *fill in the blank.* I'm actually working on a fanfic about that very subject.

Anyway, those are the main three that stay pretty solidly my favorites. The rest are in constant flux, so I'll leave them alone for now.

Re: Favourite characters?

Posted: Sat 17. Jun 2017, 18:07
by Tugger21
Mine fluctuate depending on the day, but I guess my choice of cosplays has something to do with favorites. So since I have Bombalurina and Rumpleteazer and am working on Etcetera and Jennyanydots; you could say those are my faves.

Re: Favourite characters?

Posted: Mon 19. Jun 2017, 02:56
by Gaze
Alonzo was my favorite back in the day. I loved his varying designs, particularly the black-and-white one, and his aloof and proud personality. plus the two-color design made him an easy first costume, hehe.....

over time though I really came to love Demeter the most. I related to her hesitant, anxious nature. she's a pretty interesting character in that she's very visibly suffering from some trauma, and I think her past experiences make her quite perceptive and empathetic....though nonetheless nervous about putting herself out there. she was my favorite character for most of my time in the fandom!

now that I'm slowly trying to revive my love for the show, I think I'll need to discover all over again who my favorite is! Demeter holds a special place in my heart, but I also love Bombalurina for her amazing costume design and confident personality. I idolized Marlene Danielle as a kid. Rumpelteazer is super cute and fun, and her Hamburg costume design has always been one of my top favorites. lastly, I ADORE Griddlebone - love the over-the-top personality and costume. I suspect that whenever I get around to making a costume again, it'll be of one of those three characters!

Re: Favourite characters?

Posted: Tue 20. Jun 2017, 16:54
by ClowderOfCats
Hmm, I have faves for different reasons: Coricopat, because of the performer; Alonzo, because his design is my absolute fave; and Misto because I have seen actual magic in that character.

But I genuinely love every character. Each one has something about them that I adore~

Re: Favourite characters?

Posted: Tue 27. Jun 2017, 21:40
by njgerhardt
It's so genuinely hard to choose an all-time favorite. There's so much flexibility between the different actor's interpretations over time and, as a whole, the majority of the cast is super charming. But I'd have to say my favorite is tied between Quaxo/Mistoffelees and Skimbleshanks.

While I don't care too much for Geoffrey Garratt's Skimbleshanks from the video, the one from the 2007 US Tour (I wish I knew the actor's name) will always stand out to me as such a charming and bubbly version on the character. This version always seemed so happy and vivacious, like he was excited and proud about his job, and that really resonated with me. I didn't really care for him until I saw that production.

I've also always been fond of Mistoffelees, since I was a little. I've always been charmed by magician archetype characters (which is hilarious, considering my stepdad is an actual professional magician) and I just remember being so mesmerized by him as a child. Later when I got into the fandom in high school, and inevitably the fanfiction out there, I always resonated with how the fandom portrayed him.

Re: Favourite characters?

Posted: Sat 8. Jul 2017, 22:23
by Moonlight
Is there a time limit in which you can reply to a thread? I couldn't find anything in the rules, so I hope it's okay that I'm replying so late!

My first experience with CATS was the Broadway cast recording, and my favorite song back then was Mr. Mistoffelees. A small, quiet, black, magical cat sounded so cool to 8-year-old me! He was my favorite at first, from the music alone.

Then I saw the 1998 video release and decided that Pouncival/Carbucketty was ridiculously beautiful. My crush on him as a 12-year-old is why he's my favorite to this day, no matter who the actor is. Brains are weird.

Re: Favourite characters?

Posted: Sun 9. Jul 2017, 09:38
by MisToxic
all good, we don't have that unnecessary necroposting rule :)
but thank you for checking first!!!