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Authentic Tails

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Authentic Tails

Post by MisToxic » Mon 22. May 2017, 00:44

There are two main styles of tails in the common productions, one is the wrapped tail used in all London replica productions and the other is the fluffier style as seen in original broadway, german speaking productions, Skandinavian shows, US Tours and Australasian shows.
Nowadays nearly every production uses the wrapped tails.

Here is a little comparison of UK style wrapped tails (London) and German fluffy tails (Hamburg):
IMG_5915.jpg (59.71 KiB) Viewed 347 times
Uk style wrapped Mungojerrie tail

IMG_5913.jpg (68.74 KiB) Viewed 347 times
Hamburg tied style Skimbleshanks

and the exception to both styles:

IMG_5914.jpg (49.39 KiB) Viewed 347 times
London Cassandra

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Re: Authentic Tails

Post by Mischa » Sun 13. Aug 2017, 14:19


Hamburg Mr Mistoffelees' tail (Song)

The tail itself is made the same way as Cassandra's tail, the only difference is the belt. The belt of the HH tail is the equivalent part to the ruffled bottom part of Mistoffelees' song-jacket of the Uk/London style costumes. The closure at the front consists of hooks and eyes, a long strip of velcro fastener, and several snap buttons.

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