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Tail Tutorial

Posted: Thu 8. Jun 2017, 12:12
by MisToxic
Sorry this took so long! Only got time to document making a tail yesterday!

here we go!

This is a tutorial for the UK Style braided/wrapped Tails
(current versions worldwide)

First of all you need a variety of different yarns and wools! (specialty yarns, cotton yarns, different thicknesses, etc.)

and a tailbelt. I use shopbought cotton yarn braids, they're more durable and the same as they use on stage. (plus you don't have to braid them yourself, saves a step ;))
you can of course braid them yourself and go about it the same way you would braid the tail core, but of course thinner and longer.

I've taken pics of several steps and stages of a Rumple tail WIP:


1-2) the base: I usually use a doorhandle and a chair to wrap/prepare the yarn for the tailcore. I start by tieing the first choice of yarn to the handle and then loop it around the chair back to the handle and so on.
for the braid you need rather heavy yarns, cotton yarn is used on stage, together with some strands of felting yarn and similar. you want a bit of variety in the tailbase aswell. (not eyelash yarn though, its effect gets lost in the base and doesn't look good in the tassle end)

3) when you've reached a certain thickness you tie off the end of the last yarn at the doorhandle so it creates a loop. this will be important later for attaching the tailbelt.

4) take the end of the long loop and cut it in half so all the strands have the same length

5-6) part the yarn into 3 strands and braid it.
it creates the nicest look if you try and part it into 3 different coloured parts.

7-9) when you've reached the length of how long you want the tail to be (take it off the handle and hold it to your hip to see if it's long enough)
then take a strand out of one part and tie it around the braid several times before you take another strand of another part of the braid and tie it together to secure the tail from not opening up again.
(I used to do a big knot at the end but it was always too bulky for my taste and now I do it the authentic way)


10) Tieing the two strands together in a knot.

11-12) Then you trim the tip of the tail diagonal from both sides so it leaves a longer middle and doesn't look blunt.

13) take the loop and put you tailbelt through the hole.

14-15) Use thicker yarn to wrap around the top of the tail and the tailloop to secure the tailbelt. ( the tail at the top is the authentic tail)

16) Then the wrapping begins! most authentic tails have a main strand tied around the whole tail completely irregular, crisscrossing around the base. this strand is made of two different yarns, usually a thicker yarn and some specialty yarn. you just put them together and start wrapping then tie them off in a knot around the tail. leave the ends hanging, it creates a rough look.

17) use different colours and tie around a few areas of the tail, don't go all across the tail with every single colour, you need variety!

18) take another 2 strands of differently textured yarn and wrap it tightly around the end above the tassle tip.


now it shouuuld look a little something like this!

Hope this helped creating a wrapped tail!

Happy costuming!

Re: Tail Tutorial

Posted: Thu 4. Jan 2018, 12:51
by MisToxic
and the Tutorial is up!