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Current Top 3

Posted: Thu 1. Jun 2017, 11:40
by MisToxic
What are your current Top 3 Musicals (other than CATS ;) )

I've recently been to London and seen a few new shows and naturally am kinda obsessing over them now haha!

1. Kinky boots
2. Tick, tick... Boom!
3. and although it's been a few months: Murder Ballad

what are yours?

Re: Current Top 3

Posted: Thu 1. Jun 2017, 13:23
by mortifer
1. Chicago (that won't change in the near future :D )
2. Newsies
3. West Side Story

I love many others though

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Posted: Thu 1. Jun 2017, 20:26
by Mischa
1. Phantom of the Opera
2. Rocky Horror Show
3. Dance of the Vampires

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Posted: Thu 1. Jun 2017, 22:40
by Sillemima
Well, first is - for sure - La Cage Aux Folles. I love everything about it, the music, the story, the whole atmosphere of love, warmth and joy. I also love the old movie, and the remake The Birdcage. I wish I knew the original play better.

The second - even though this is changing a lot depending on my mood (and it should actually be the third, considering my favourite is always CATS) - should be Starlight Express.

My third favourite, of my, is probably Anything Goes. But I could write down a seemingly endless list of contenders for this place, in no order of preference, but as they come to my mind.

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Posted: Fri 2. Jun 2017, 00:26
by Tugger21
First - The Lion King

Second - Rent

Third - Phantom of the Opera

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Posted: Thu 8. Jun 2017, 17:24
by WaywardWhoLock
1. Hamilton
2. Phantom of the Opera (I saw the American Tour a couple months ago and it was amazing!)
3. A tie between Kinky Boots (mainly because of Brendon Urie's appearance on Broadway right now!) and Sweeny Todd (because who doesn't love a revengeful, murderous barber?)

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Posted: Fri 9. Jun 2017, 15:13
by Eliaza
Current top three... Well, the ones I'm listening to the most lately are...

1. Doctor Zhivago (I always listen to a CD to fall asleep, and this has been the one for several weeks now...first because I was reading the book, now just because I've got I'm wishing for a Revival XD)
2. Anastasia (The New Release Excitement will probably have me listening to this about a million times this weekend)
3. Fiddler on the Roof (This is the one I currently have playing in the car.)

*looks at list* So... I'm more or less stuck in Russia for now. The last three books I've read have been set in Russia also, come to think of it.

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Posted: Thu 15. Jun 2017, 22:00
by Forest
Ooh, Wayward, I heard really good things about the US Phantom production. What was their chandelier crash like? If you haven't already seen, I recommend checking out the vids on Youtube about the different chandelier crashes in all worldwide productions of the show. It's fascinating to see just how different each one is, esp when it comes to safety restrictions on speed and size etc. :)

Eliaza, I've been remiss! Had no idea that Zhivago was a musical - def will have to check that out! How cool! :D

My top three atm:

1. Really enjoying "Kinky Boots" UK soundtrack at the moment. It's such a fun show and a great pick-me-up if you're feeling a bit rubbish about life! :P Also I was very impressed by the production when I saw it both on Broadway and London. It was my first and only Broadway show, so for that reason alone I'm very fond of it. :)

2. "Lord of the Rings" (Canada/London). I don't listen to this soundtrack as much as I should, but whenever I do come back to it, I remember just how much I adore it. Beautiful music... and I honestly feel so privileged to have seen it live. It was a truly lavish, sumptuous production - which unfortunately, was a large part of the reason, as I far as I'm aware , that it ended up closing. I don't think Ive ever seen a more absorbing production that throws you into the world from the start. It was so immersive, with Orcs running amok in the auditorium, the clever use of stage effects such as wind machines etc to bring character like the Balrog to life.. ust extraordinary.

3. "Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown" I saw this in London and honestly, I wasn't that enthused when I first went along. Mildly intruiged, sure, but not more. Boy was I wrong. I'm so glad I was given the opportunity to see it because it certainly woldn't have been one I would ordinarily have picked out myself. It was such fun! Every song is a catchy earworm and so sharply rehearsed alongside the comedy and emotions of the story. A really underappreciated delight to watch :D

Re: Current Top 3

Posted: Sat 24. Jun 2017, 02:46
by Eliaza
@ Forest, yes! Sadly Zhivago more or less flopped on Broadway. :'( I never got to see it, perhaps it wasn't well put-together. But the music is very good!

Well, so now the ranks have shifted a bit. :lol:

1. Bandstand - This album just released today, and I ADORE it so far.
2. CHESS - I heard there may be a Broadway revival, so have been listening to and falling in love with the original album all over again. Next up will probably be the concert album, much as it can't hold a candle to the original...
3. Anastasia - It's replaced Zhivago as my nighttime album, and I've yet to grow tired of it. :lol:

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Posted: Tue 27. Jun 2017, 21:46
by njgerhardt
Mine change so often. Heathers used to be in my top five, but since I've just finished helping with a run of it I'm very burnt out on that show. :lol: However, minus CATS, it'd probably go something like this:

1.) Tanz der Vampire
2.) Phantom of the Opera
3.) American Idiot/Sweeney Todd (tied)

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Posted: Fri 7. Jul 2017, 12:49
by Moonlight
I haven't seen as many musicals as I'd like, but my top three other than CATS are:

1. Hair
2. Fiddler on the Roof
3. Phantom of the Opera

Re: Current Top 3

Posted: Sat 19. Aug 2017, 16:34
by Eliaza
Just saw a production of The Secret Garden last night which was PHENOMENAL. So the ranks have taken another shift. Current top three:

1. The Secret Garden (nighttime album)
2. Starlight Express (car album)
3. Notre-Dame de Paris (the one currently playing on the computer as I work)